Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs )

Standard Assessment Tasks

Year 2 children are informally assessed during the month of May. Years 3 , 4 and 5 take their assessments during the week beginning Tuesday 6th May.

Year 6 SATs will take place w/b 12th May. It is crucial year 6 attend school during that week. If they are feeling slightly unwell, they can come to school,  sit the test and go home straight after. If they do not sit any part of the test they do not get a grade. So if they do not sit the mental arithmetic test but sit maths papers A and B, they get no grade for maths.

Year 1 Ugly Bug ball

There’s a real buzz around school, everyone is keen to do well in their SATs.

Academy Awards

Years 5 and 6 have hosted the second Medmerry Academy Awards evening. It was the culmination of this term’s Animation topic.

Some year six children were interviewed about the evening.

Jenny: “ It was nerve-wracking because I was a host. This meant that I had to make links between the awards and announce the presenters. However, it was really enjoyable.”

Evie: “ It was quite scary as all my family was watching me. Once I was up on the stage, I felt really professional. I also felt very grown up, as if I was in Hollywood.”

Megan: “It was so different to anything that I have been to. I am really proud of what we have achieved.”

They all deserve to feel proud; it was a very entertaining evening! (more photos in ‘children’s work’)

Academy awards 2014 028


There were many well known celebrities attending to witness the innovative  films.


Schoolsworks is a group of well performing academy schools in West Sussex. At the moment there are 3 schools which make up the group although this will eventually grow to about 10.  I  am pleased to announce that Medmerry is planning to join up with Schoolsworks from the start of the new academic year in September. Very little will change for  parents and pupils, but staff will benefit from working more closely with ‘good ‘ schools and we will thrive as a result. We are also a million pound a year business and there will a number of economies which can be made if we share the costs.

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