Reception class visit the vets

ava winner David the vet Lia's competition

The Reception class visited Pet Doctors in Selsey before the holiday. David, Ryan and Lia, the vets, told us all about their work and how they help our animals. We saw all sorts of equipment and learnt lots of new words like’ anaesthetic’ and ‘microscope’. Lia held a colouring competition while we were there. Over the holiday, the vets have judged our entries. The winner of the competition was Ava Calton ! Ava won a colouring book and some colouring pencils.  Many thanks to Pet Doctors for a fantastic trip, and a lovely prize.


Bird Watch

In January Reception class took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch. The class set up a bird watch area with clipboards and binoculars and had to count and record any birds they saw in the school grounds out of the window. They looked at the chart to identify any birds they had seen and recorded their work.

bird watch 001


World Book Day

In KS1 we celebrated World Book Day by bringing our favourite books to school to share with others. We mixed up the classes and spent an afternoon together reading, drawing, writing, making book marks and talking about our books.



book day3


Children’s work reception Class

Reception are learning about Growth and Change this term. We are using the Raymond Briggs story Jim and the Beanstalk to help us in our Narrative Therapy and Maths activities. The children have been trying to help the Giant by making glasses for him, and in our maths we measured our heads in order to make him a wig.

 Autumn glasses

Sam wig

Autumn used art straws and tape to make her glasses.




Sam measured his head and tried paper curling to make his wig.

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