Science session at The Academy, Selsey.

Year 4 have seen and tried their hand at creating different chemical reactions in a Science session. We saw the ‘foam snake’ – an exothermic reaction taking place and using Radox bubble bath liquid to create bursts of flame in the air. We had a go at creating our own fireworks by using different powders over a Bunsen flame. There were different colours to be made and sparks. This was a simple version of how fireworks are made. We also used magnesium ribbon in a solution, trapped the gas created and then lit it to make a popping sound. We had fun today but learnt a great deal too.

Chemical reactions Foaming snake Joe creating gas for a 'popping' sound Joe creating sparkler sparkles Keenan and Callum creating colours for fireworks Using Radox bubble bath


Year 4 have been creating their own chariots in Design Technology. They had to think about how to make an axle that would allow the wheels to move. The chariots also had to pass their ‘MOT’ –having to travel a certain distance with a 1kg weight without breaking. Not all of them made it so needed to go back for repairs!

Lance Laura Travis

Roman Visit

bridge building

Year 4 visited Fishbourne Roman Palace on the 22nd May. While there we looked at some interesting artefacts and mosaics.  We took part in ‘Roman School’ where we learnt what it was like to be educated in Ancient Rome. We also took part in a workshop that allowed us to discover what daily life was like for the Romans. We had a go at grinding wheat, making mosaics, writing our names using the Latin alphabet, spinning wool and much more. Most of us were slaves but Patrick and Faith were dressed up as ricjh Romans.

We had a fantastic time, despite the rain and thunderstorm, and learnt a lot.

Latin mosaic making Patrick and Faith playing games Roman school Tangrams




Lifeboat Station Visit.

On the 28th February Year 3 & 4 visited the lifeboat station. While there they did some sketching outside, of the sea and station. They were told information about the ILB and the AWL by some of the volunteers. There was a DVD to show the capabilities of the AWL too. While in the ILB boathouse children got to try on a lifejacket and a helmet.  They all had a great time, learnt a lot and some are even considering volunteering when they are old enough.
We received a telephone call on the 3rd March, from one of the volunteers, to say how wonderful the two classes were – polite, interested and well behaved.  They regularly have school visits but said Medmerry children have been the best ever!

Faith, Rosie & Laura




 Lance, Reece & Lyra

 Rosie, Riven, George & Joe

















Years 3 & 4 Swimming

 P1030242 P1030244



Stormy Seas.

Year 4 have been looking at art work depicting different types of weather. They had to choose which painting they most wanted to recreate and then choose the media they thought best represented its mood.

 Maisie's picture  Lily's picture
 Joe B's picture

Callum's picture Lisa

We have some very talented artists in Year 4!


As part of our ‘Think Green’ topic, Year 4 visited the recycling plant in Littlehampton. We looked carefully at items that could be recycled by playing a game. Then we kitted up, with hard hats, ear defenders, goggles and high visibility jackets, to go in to the recycling plant itself. It’s extremely noisy and dusty! We also got to create designs on our own recycled fabric bags. No more plastic bags for us now we know about how difficult it is to recycle them!

Callum & his bag Emelia & George Faith designing Harry going into the MRF Harry Joe Lance Maisie & Ruby hard at work Recycling ready to be sorted Riven Ruby and Georgia Summer, Rosie & Keenan


Forest School Visit


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