Staunton Park

Year 1 had an exciting day out at Staunton Country Park. They enjoyed meeting all the animals, especially the baby kid that had only been born the day before. We fed the animals and found out how to care for them.

feeding animals

baby kid


Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time dressed up as bugs! They made fruit caterpillars, wrote to the Reception children inviting them to the ball, and made bug jelly. The children enjoyed showing off their bug boogie and sharing their bug character at the ball.

Year 1 Ugly Bug ball

Ugly Bug Ball

Chinese New Year

Years One and Two celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday with a day of activities to find out about the celebration.  Mrs.  Chung visited us in the afternoon and brought lots of different Chinese snacks for us to try, the children had fun using chopsticks to eat the food. All the children received a red envelope with a gift from Mrs Chung to bring them luck for the Year of the Horse.

 Chinese New Year 2

Chinese New Year 1

Year 1 have been having fun making junk bugs!

The children planned what their bug would look like and considered what they would need to use to make it. They collected all of the junk at home and were excited about putting it all together. The children followed their plans and enjoyed experimenting with lots of different joining materials, especially the sellotape and glue!

 bug 022

bug 017

Our School Guinea Pigs

Year one are very pleased to share their classroom with two guinea pig friends called Tilly and Pepper. We have been learning how to care for them and finding out what food they like to eat. Every day we measure how much food they need and always keep their water bottle topped up. We have set up their home making sure they have a cosy bed and plenty of healthy snacks! Max and Ruby are enjoying a little cuddle with them before they cleaned them out this week.




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