Children’s Work: Year Three

Year R and 3 beach school visit

On Thursday July 3rd Reception and year 3 walked to East beach.  Year 3 enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the younger children using the ‘mantle of the expert’ technique.

All the children had fun doing a range of activities such as shelter building, paddling, kite making, pattern making and beach necklaces! It was lovely to see the children working collaboratively and having fun!

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Hokusai’s ’The Wave’.

The children in Year 3 looked at a variety of paintings of rough seas in a range of media.  We then used Hokusai’s work and recreated it using a media of their choice.

Jacks wave picture yr 3

Children found that oil pastels allowed them to merge and blend the colours to good effect.

yr 3 the wave

As part of our topic Year 3 went to the MRF centre at Littlehampton. They learnt about what happens to their rubbish when it is picked up and how certain materials can be recycled. They played a recycling game and donned all the safety  gear to go into the huge recycling factory. All the children enjoyed the visit and we able to talk about what new information they had learnt.

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