Governor Meetings

All staff and governors are undertaking a thorough review of all school policies and practice during the autumn term.

Curriculum committee KW NF HW + TG SS
Oct 2014

Governors to share their involvement in school and in particular their observations on:
KS1 progress
the school’s promotion of multicultural education
able pupils
progress with lower junior maths
The governors would like to see Raise on Line and its assessment of progress.

 March 2015
The governors would like to know how well are able pupils are performing in school. Nikki Edge to respond.
The governors would like to know what progress is being  made to promote multicultural awareness in Medmerry school. Caroline Stoker to report
July 2015
How safe are the children in Medmerry school? Helen Wattam and Nuala Field will report to the governors.

Resources committee BR JM  + TG SS

October 2014 The governors would like to know  current spending and are we within our budget allocations. They would also like to be informed on how our spending compares with similar schools.
March 2015
Governors would like to know current school spending and are we on target to meet  budget allocations?

July 2015
They will decide on the new  2014/15 budget which will be submitted at the next full governors meeting for formal approval.The governors would like to know the priorities for the next School Improvement Plan ( 2015/16) and the costs involved

Governors Meetings

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