Medmerry Ethos

Ethos    aspire to…

1  Provision

1.1 As a team, we work together to create a community where all children and adults feel safe, cared for, listened to and supported.

1.2 This is fostered by providing stability, firm boundaries and clear expectations for behaviour.

1.3 We want everyone to be happy to come to school and to feel nurtured, encouraged and able to learn and grow

2  Teaching and Learning / the learning environment

2.1 The teaching and support staff work together and support each other in meeting our agreed aims.

2.2 We want to provide a curriculum & learning environment which the children find stimulating , motivating, inspiring and challenging. We offer breadth of subjects and & variety (of opportunity).

2.3 We aim/work to recognize the full potential of all children and enable them to realize that potential through effective teaching which takes into account their varying needs and abilities.

2.4 We think children learn best when they are doing, including discovering for themselves, having opportunities to apply and extend their learning through practical experiences, using high quality resources.

2,5 Effective learning takes place when children are provided with a rich, stimulating environment inside the classroom (artefacts & good displays) and outside, including the school grounds and further afield (eg school trips ).

2.6  Children learn well when they make  decisions and choices about their learning.

3. Ethos  Outcomes

3.1 We hope that our provision for the pupils at Medmerry School will enable them to be confident and enthusiastic learners who can communicate well and think critically.

3.2 As well as having good foundation skills and knowledge in literacy and numeracy, we hope that they will gain the ability to apply their knowledge and skills independently, to further their education across the whole breadth of the curriculum.

3.3 We want Medmerry pupils to appreciate the value of being a good citizen both in the school and local community, so that they will become good citizens as adults.

3.4 To this end, we hope that we provide a good model which helps our pupils to:

-manage their own feelings well, avoiding harm to others

-feel and show concern for other people

-respect difference

-have the capacity to empathise

4 Ethos Academy status

4.1 As an academy we expect to have:

-increased flexibility in meeting the needs of our current pupils, including adapting the curriculum we offer

-more autonomy in making strategic decisions

-more control over the use of present resources and in selecting and purchasing additional resources to meet our present needs

-greater speed and efficiency in taking steps to meeting the needs of our current pupils


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