Special Needs Report to Parents

Medmerry Primary School

Annual Report to Parents on the Implementation of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy and Disability Equality Scheme

Schools have a duty to report annually to all parents on the provision for SEN and implementation of their disability equality scheme. Children with special educational needs all have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children of the same age. These children may need extra or different help from that given to other children of the same age The Special Educational Needs Code of Practice lies at the heart of the school’s SEN policy and sets out the processes and procedures that all organisations should follow to meet the needs of children. The Code describes a graduated approach that recognises that children learn in different ways and can have different kinds of SEN. So increasingly, step-by-step, support at School Action and specialist expertise at School Action Plus can be put in place to help overcome the difficulties that a child may have. If further support is required the school may request a statutory assessment of special needs, which may result in a Statement of SEN being issued to the child.


The SEN policy will be reviewed in February 2013 and the key change will be that the SENCO is now involved in Pupil Progress Meetings (tracking meetings) supporting the coordination of support not just for children with SEN, but for those who are not making expected progress.

SENCo – Mrs Betterton

SEN Governor – Mrs Field

Number of pupils with SEN

September 2012

September 2013

School Action



School Action Plus






Trends over the past 3 years

% of SEN remains average for West Sussex Reading and Maths progress outperforms the progress of writing. This is being addressed as a whole school focus

Involvement of pupils in their SEN review

All pupils contribute to their reviews by discussing their targets as appropriate with their class teachers, Teaching Assistants and the SENCo, Parents are invited to discuss the progress of their children with the SENCo and at regular parent evening appointments.


Progress of pupils with SEN 2012/13 – Yr.6 -100% made 2 levels or more progress in English and Maths at end of KS2


During the academic year 2012 to 2013 the whole school attendance figure was 94.8 SEN attendance2011/12 School Action + 92.4% School Action 94.3% Statement 96.8%


During the academic year 2012 – 2013 the following fixed term exclusion were made:

Number of pupils excluded Number of days excluded
School Action 0
School Action Plus 1 permanent exclusion
Statement 0 0

Budget allocation

2012/13 SEN Funding £78,612

Deployment of staff and resources

Mrs Betterton was employed in January 2012 for .4 week in the role of Special Educational Needs Coordinator. 1 T.A’s support named SEN children – 7 teaching Assistants are employed who support children –

External Agencies

Throughout the school year the following agencies have supported SEN pupils within the school. Educational Psychology Specialist Teaching Service – Behaviour Speech and Language Therapist

Liaison with Feeder School Partners

Strong links exist between our neighbour cluster schools including our local secondary schools. Meetings take place between class teachers, and SENCos to ensure accurate and efficient transfer of records and information in order to minimise the disruption of support levels for pupils transferring  to secondary schools. Separate transition and induction visits were set up for pupils with SEN where required.

Staff Development

Staff have attended continued professional development in the following areas, Safeguarding,  Medical needs training, and forums.

Disability Duty – Accessibility and Future Plans

Under the Disability Equality Duty schools are required to take proactive steps to ensure their disabled pupils, staff and governors, parents/carers and other people using the school are treated equally. Schools are required to establish a Disability Scheme to promote equality of opportunity for disabled pupils, which sets out to improve access to facilities and the physical environment of the school, as well as the curriculum and information for pupils.

Disability Duty

  • ·       The policy was last reviewed in January 2014

Information gathered over the year and how it was used to inform planning and action

  • ·       New care suite built on premises – September 2012

Numbers of children/young people with disabilities and medical needs within the school

  • ·       July 2013 1

Steps taken to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than other pupils

  • ·       Parents or a designated person will accompany children on visits
  • ·       Disabled toilet –, visual timetables in class, coloured overlays, inclusive ethos of school

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