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Medmerry is an Eco School. 

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Here at Medmerry School we take great pride in being an Eco School. Our exciting news is that we have just achieved our second green flag for all our hard work and commitment to being green. Thank you to Mrs Plackett and everyone who has helped us to stay green.

We save energy with our new doors, windows, insulated roof and solar panels. The children work hard all year round to grow plants and vegetables in our amazing allotments. We recycle almost everything we can and compost all out fruit peelings each day. All the children remember to turn off the lights and taps and as a school we try to think of the wider community. We can all do our part and help the planet!

All of our school community has been on this eco journey and

This is going to be a very busy year thinking about new ways to keep our school green with the help of our new green team, the Busy Bees!

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Summer 2014

In January Reception class took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch. The class set up a bird watch area with clipboards and binoculars and had to count and record any birds they saw in the school grounds out of the window. They looked at the chart to identify any birds they had seen and recorded their work.

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Spring 2014

As part of our topic Year 3 went to the MRF centre at Littlehampton. They learnt about what happens to their rubbish when it is picked up and how certain materials can be recycled. They played a recycling game and donned all the safety  gear to go into the huge recycling factory. All the children enjoyed the visit and we able to talk about what new information they had learnt.

I am very pleased and proud to announce that the Royal Horticultural Society have awarded Medmerry School Level 5 status, which is their top grade for a school garden. The RHS citation reads:

” This outstanding example of a school garden is seen as a key resource for teaching and learning across the curriculum. The garden is used as a resource for lifelong learning by the wider community.”

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