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"Medmerry Loves Reading"

Our weekly 'We Love Reading' club enjoyed visiting the public library to share stories and explore the wide range of books that they have to offer. We can't wait to visit again soon with our library cards.

We Love Reading

Recent visit to Selsey Library


Self Portrait Sketching in Year1

This term, Year One has been developing different sketching techniques with a pencil. They have practiced stippling, circling, scribbling, and cross-hatching. They then used these skills to experiment with creating different marks and tones to create a self-portrait.

Cruz and Maria were have shared some feedback from their artistic sketching afternoons.

" I like art because it is fun. You can do cross hatching and scribbling but circling is the best" Cruz

"I like art because we colour with pencil and pastels. My favourite is cross hatching. I'm proud of myself because my work is good." Maria

Self Portrait

Year 4's Arundel Castle Visit

As part of Year 4’s topic work, the whole class visited Arundel castle, the day included indoor and outdoor activities, looking at the different features of the castle and imagining life throughout the different ages at the Castle. Victoria, from Year 4, has shared more about the day.

Y4 Arundel Castle Visit Autumn 2022

Castles Topic


Miss Taylor's Marathon and Inspiring the Next Generation of Runners

Miss Taylor completed the London Marathon 2022 in 5 hours and 46 minutes. With the help of Friends of Medmerry, her friends and family along with school children who helped fundraise in school and at a weekend bake sale, she raised almost £1,600 for the school and school community.

We asked Miss Taylor for a few words about the day: 'It was such an inspiring and happy day, I had lots of friends and family supporting me on the day as well as colleagues, Friends of Medmerry, school children and the community, tracking me and sending me supportive messages and encouragement from Selsey. It was brilliant. I was spurred on by the support, it kept me going when the miles got tough!'

Since the marathon, Miss Taylor has proudly passed the running baton to Max in Year 3. He said he was so inspired by her assembly on the London Marathon he wanted to take up running. He has since entered his first race and is looking forward to the experience and comparing his medal with Miss Taylor's.

A few final words from Miss Taylor now her marathon days are finished - 'I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored me, it made a huge difference, thank you. And, to the next generation of runners like Max, or anyone who is tempted to give running a try, just do it - you don't have to be the fastest or win every race, you just have to believe in yourself and recognise your own achievements.'

Miss Taylor's Marathon and Max


Year 6 Residential Trip to Devon

written by Isabella

This year, Great Potheridge housed Medmerry Primary School's Year 6 residential. Potheridge, located on a beautiful hill in Devon, is hundreds of years old and extremely historical. The home of George Monk, the ancient house, now features several exciting activities including an abseil tree (oak) and Jacob's ladder. As well as that, they are the only people allowed to use one of the lakes only a few minutes away.

Year 6 has access to all of these activities and many more. The girls were sleeping in the dorms up the stairs in the house, while the boys were staying in the smaller building by the side of the driveway. With various activities, Year 6 took part in things such as abseiling, crate stacking, gorge walking, rock scrambling, canoeing and raft building.

Contrary to many thoughts, the first night was not a quiet one. Year 6 took part in a night walk. Two miles long, with no teachers! Many may think that can't be bad, yet many of the students had to navigate their way back!

On a happier note, the children got to prepare their own lunches everyday, learn how to support and trust each other and had lots and lots of fun. The day before leaving, they had an indoor BBQ and disco in the barn. Potheridge will definitely be a highlight of the year!

Y6 Residential September 2022


Maths Challenge

Four of our year 5 pupil's travelled to Christ's Hospital School yesterday to take part in a county wide Maths Challenge. The children were welcomed by a parade by the schools band and a chance to see all the forms as they took part in their daily  march into Lunch. 40 other schools took part in the challenge and they and our team had great fun battling through the questions. After finishing there was time for a sausage and mash tea and doughnuts in the Dining Hall.

Maths Challenge at Christ's Hospital School

Miss Taylor's Marathon, the countdown begins!

Miss Taylor has continued to clock up the miles, completing a 20 mile training run this September! This is her last long-distance training run prior to the London Marathon and she will now taper down until the big day on Sunday 2nd October. This is her first ever marathon and she will be running it for Friends of Medmerry to raise important funds for the school and school community. If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause or leave her a motivational message to help cheer her along, you can do so via the link below. Be sure to tune in to the live coverage on the day to see if you can spot her on the big screen!


Evidence Shot!

Teaching Spanish at Medmerry School

Hola! My name is Miss Richards and this is my second year of teaching at Medmerry School. This year I am teaching Spanish to the children in KS2. Before I became a teacher, I studied Spanish at University. As part of this course, I spent a year in Peru. I immersed myself in Peruvian culture by living with a host family in the city of Cusco high up in the Andes. I taught English at a local primary school and volunteered at different children's clubs. Whilst in Peru, I also travelled throughout the Country visiting the Peruvian Amazon, Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountains.

Learning a language not only helps us to be able to communicate with people, it also helps us to understand different cultures, gives us opportunity to travel, is great for our brains and is fun. I am so excited to be teaching Spanish this year and I hope to inspire a love of languages in every child I teach.

Picture Memory 

Year R visit Marwell Zoo

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Year 4 set up the classroom as an Italian Restaurant as part of creating a holiday brochure during their English Experience Day!



Year 4 had a food tech session adapting a biscuit recipe!



Year 6 Sats meeting - video

Click here for Year 6 Video Sats meeting

Footballers star in local tournament!

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Library declared open! 26th November 2021

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Children in Need Friday 19th November 2021

The non-uniform/dress up day raised a wonderful £261.37 which has been deposited to the charity. Thank you everyone.