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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.





We have also put together lots of activities you could complete.


 NUMBOTS is now available for you to play!

Login details are being sent home via ParentMail. When you have logged in your child can play lots of great games to develop their number skills.

As they correctly answer questions in the 'Story Mode' they will progress through the levels and the 'Challenge Mode' will be unlocked. Children can then complete timed challenges to build confidence and speed as they learn key number facts.

To make the most out of NumBots it is recommended that your child adopts a 'little and often' approach.

If you have any questions or would like any further information please speak to Mrs Lee.


 For a selection of picture books to listen to visit:  

  Booktrust- Stories for children

 Mrs Lee will continue to communicate with Reception Class regularly via Tapestry. This is a fantastic way for parents in Reception class to continue to share their learning, exploration and fun at home. 

If you are having any difficulties in accessing Tapestry please contact the school office. 

Tapestry Login

Please see below for links to websites with a selection of maths and phonics games to play. You will also find video clips to support with phonics at home.

Oxford Owl A great site with various activities and games. A super feature of this site is that there are also lots of eBooks to read. You have to register to access these but it is free and easy to do.  

RWI eBooks Lots of eBooks to read like the phonics books your child was bringing home from school.

BBC Nursery Rhymes Lots of nursery rhymes and counting songs to sing along and listen to. 

Maths Games

 Teddy Counting Drag the correct number of treats to the hungry teddy! You choose to play the game with numbers up to 5, 10 or 15. 

Two games great for counting and ordering numbers up to 10:

Gingerbread Man Game Ladybird  Game

 Coin Game A good game for learning to identify, sort and order coins.

Counting Caterpillar Drag the leaves to the branch in order from smallest to largest for the greedy caterpillar to much!

Coconut Ordering Knock the coconuts down in order from smallest to largest. Choose numbers up to 10 or 20. 

Chopper Squad Find the number that is one more or one less than the given number up to 20.

Shape Patterns Train Look carefully at the repeating patterns on the carriages. Can you name each shape? Which shape comes next? Make sure you look at the shape and the colour! 

Funky Mummy Add together the numbers up to 10, find the doubles or challenge yourself to solve the number bonds up to 10. Click on the answer and the 'Funky Mummy' will do a funny dance! 

Post a Letter A great game for number recognition. Listen to the number and then post the letter in the house with the matching number. 

Newly added games: 

Addition to 10 Count the animals carefully to solve the addition calculations. 

Ways to make 10 Use the teddies to explore number bonds up to 10. 

Maths Machine Find one more than the given number. You can select numbers up to 3, 5 10 or 20. 

Higher or Lower? Either count the objects or identify the numeral and guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. Try to use lots of 'maths talk' with words like more, less, fewer and greater when you compare the amounts or numbers. 


Phonics Support for parents

Reading and Phonics Videos

Guidance for supporting your child with spelling using Fred Fingers 

RWI Guidance for parents

Phonics games

When playing phonics games we suggest you set the activity to focus on sounds you child has been previously taught. 

 Forest Phonics Gently squish the snail and then listen carefully! Use your 'Fred Fingers' and then drag the letter tiles to build the word.

Poop Deck Pirates Phonics Game Use your 'Fred Talk' to read the word. Then pop it in the treasure chest if it is a real word or the bin if it is a silly 'alien word'. 

Phonics Play Lots of different phonics games to choose from to support developing phonics knowledge. The site normally has a few free games which the children will be familiar with from school.  Additionally the site is temporarily offering access to all of the games without subscription by using:       Username: march20            Password: home 

Help a Hedgehog How many words can you read before the time runs out? You can choose a set of words or type in your own words for your child to read. 

Phonics Bloom Some different phonics games to play. 

Phonics Pop First select which set of sounds you want to play with. Then pop the sounds you are being asked to spot!

Tell a T-Rex Use your Fred Talk to read the silly question and then decide if the answer is 'yes' or 'no'! 


For a selection of free audio books for children to listen to visit:

World of Stories