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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.



Values & Ethos

At Medmerry stakeholders are fundamentally passionate about and committed to providing an educational experience tailored to, and supportive of the “Medmerry Child”.  

 We are grateful for the rich tapestry of families who choose the Medmerry Schools’ primary experience and are proud to be continually developing and improving a curriculum, which provides the “Medmerry child” to be a leader of their own learning.  

 Together, we have developed and committed to school values, which encapsulates the intention of the curriculum we offer – Connect, Collaborate, and Challenge.  


We encourage children to develop themselves as a learner to connect within the classroom, the school and beyond the familiar and explore the cultural capital required to grow beyond it. 


To ensure that children that have the desire, are equipped with the skills to collaborate with others in order to achieve more together. 


As a commitment to supporting all learners to continually be driving for progress, regardless of their individual needs or starting points. 

At the heart of the community

Medmerry prides itself on its community feel, and connecting and collaborating with the wider community of Selsey.

Our aim is for our pupils to connect within the community both within the school and through engaging  with organisations and people in the town. We work closely with parents to support children in becoming confident individuals who can play a full role in the community.

High expectations for everyone

All staff at our school have high expectations, both for themselves and of what our pupils can accomplish.

We model these high expectations in our work with children, so that they develop a sense of self-belief and set high expectations for themselves. We celebrate pupils’ successes in all areas, both in and out of school, providing challenge to enable them to achieve more, and valuing risk-taking that allows children to learn from both their mistakes and their successes.

A curriculum for curiosity

At Medmerry, we value all aspects of the curriculum in its broadest sense, from reading and arithmetic, to computing and the arts.

Teachers develop the curriculum to provide lessons which inspire pupils to further their learning, including outside of school. We aim to provide learning opportunities that promote a sense of curiosity in our pupils, introducing them to new ideas and enabling them to develop their own interests and aspirations.