Friends of Medmerry School

Friends of Medmerry

The Friends of Medmerry work with parents and teachers to raise money for the School to help subsidise educational trips and buy new classroom and play equipment for pupils.

Our fundraising recently enabled new playground markings to be installed and a Numicon a multi-sensory maths system to be purchased, to help children from Reception through to Year Six. Our fundraising has also been used to buy new phonics books for Key Stage 1 children.

What We Do

Each year we hold a Summer and Christmas Fair, as well as discos at Christmas and the end of the school year. Alongside these are cake sales, lolly sales, book sales – and plans are afoot for a Christmas cook book! We also run gift shops for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which have proved to be very popular and enable the children to buy, independently, a gift for their parents or carers.

Getting Involved

Whatever time you have to give we would love you to be involved! We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to help, but we are grateful for any you can give, and there’s no obligation to help every time.
A good way to keep in touch and find out what we are planning is by joining our Facebook group –

We use the Facebook page to post details of upcoming meetings (which all are welcome to attend), events and things we may need help or volunteers for. It’s also a great place to share any ideas for fundraising and events.

Our meetings are usually timed just before afternoon pick up, and we do hold evening catch ups too to help those who work full time. It’s fine to come along, even if it’s just one meeting every now and then. If you have small children please feel free to bring them along too.

A word from a Friend…

I wanted to help for one main reason – I remembered the fun I had at school going to the fairs, the excitement of the disco meaning either Christmas was near, or the great summer holiday was about to begin. I wanted my children and others to make memories of the fun they had at school, alongside the learning. The community spirit at school is important, and getting together for various reasons provides sociable and fun times.

We like to involve the children where possible in these activities, so some of the older children have their own stall at fairs and Year 6 are always helpful in setting up. I’d like to think that by getting the children involved, and them in turn seeing us give our time happily, we help them see that it feels good to give a little something back.